About Me

The Accidental Scribe


It wasn’t really an accident that I started writing. I have actually been doing it since I was a kid. I love words and I love writing stories.

Unfortunately, because of life and dysfunction, It was made clear that being a writer was not a “real job”. So I gave it up altogether.

In 2013 I was hired at a church writing lessons for preschool. Yep writing.  I did not realize at the time that I was doing what my heart loved.

Enter a sweet friend and Mentor who told me I was going to write a book. “What kind of off the wall crap is that?” but her confidence in me is just what I needed. She gifted me a book about writing that changed my life.

The urge to write grew. Christmas 2014 I asked for a leather journal to start writing again. My family bought me the perfect little journal and over the next 8 months I poured my heart out to it.

Get this, I filled a journal from cover to cover. Something I hadn’t done in over a decade. My last line in that journal is “I have found myself among these pages.” and that’s exactly what I did.

So flash forward, here I am with a bird obsession thanks to a friend and a book, at least 4 full journals, some fountain pens, A typewriter, enough confidence to call myself a writer, a blog and a new direction.

I am a storyteller after all.

– The Accidental Scribe