Your Photo Reminds Me

A few months back after hearing about my unusual hobby of buying old photographs, my Papa sent me to chat with my Memaw about some old photos his brother gave them. His Joke was "well at least you'll know some of these people." My Memaw sent me home with the box. I couldn't wait to [...]

When Words Are All You Have.

I'm not good at this. I'm not good at expressing my concern and love in the midst of tragedy.  I'm not good with the words, the actions are what I can do the actions are easier. Unfortunately, right now I feel helpless. I see my church family banding together and getting things done for our [...]

You, Me and Depression makes Three.

  there are five people living in our house The Mr. Me, our two daughters, And My depression/anxiety disorder. It's a  part of the family even if I don't want it to be. Even if what I really want to do is lock it away deep inside me and never ever talk about it or [...]

I quit my job

I put in my two weeks, I cleaned out my desk and I left quietly one day. I loved my job at the church for three sweet years I learned the ins and outs of ministry and was mentored by some of the absolute best people. I grew so much in my faith, my confidence [...]


I know its been awhile. I could apologize for keeping you all from my wonderful writing. I simply wont. I didn't fall off the planet. I didn't become a hermit, although that is still a dream of mine. I didn't spend months watching chick flicks and eating Ben and Jerry's by the pound. What I [...]

The Lies We Believe

It has been a week since I shared my testimony in Church. With that comes all these lies and stories that I have made up in my head. Stories about how it didn't really matter and how everyone has already forgotten the words I chose to share. How it didn't make a difference and how [...]

Writing is Hard

I think there is some kind of illusion that writing is just sitting down and typing. You assume all the words will just come to you. You think writing is not work. Oh but it is! It is more than some sort of twisted narcissistic hobby. To quote good 'ol Ernest Hemingway  "There is nothing [...]