It Starts With An Unusual Hobby

I fell in love with an old photograph.

I know it sounds crazy. You see my family and I frequent antique malls. we make a day of it. We enjoy finding old things and sometimes bringing them home.

You would not believe how many black and white photos are just laying around in baskets in these places. A few years ago I finally got up the courage to dig in one of those buckets. I found this picture that still fascinates me. I wanted to take it home with me that day but I talked myself out of it because” What kind of weirdo buys pictures of people they don’t know?”

This kind of weirdo, that’s who.

There is one rule in antique shopping. Buy it when you see it because once you come back it won’t be there. I broke that rule.

Months later I went back to that antique mall and walked right to that box of photos and sat on the floor and started to dig. I couldn’t get that picture out of my head. I thought about it often and kicked myself for not taking it home. I had to have it and I prayed I would find it.  I did. I bought it and so many more.

An obsession began, I had to dig through all the other photo buckets I’ve seen around town. I’ve spent hours on the floor in stores searching through buckets, baskets, and tubs. My hands are always dry and cracking afterward, but its worth it to bring these lost people home.

You see these pictures make me sad. These people were someones relative, lover, friend and now they are nameless and forgotten in an antique store. So I bring them home and I make them mine. I don’t know their real names or stories but I want to write them a new one and let them live again even if it’s just for a little while.

That’s my new purpose. That’s the new direction of the blog. I hope you will enjoy uncovering their stories with me.

It’s time you met My New Relatives.



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